Same thing, different words — synonyms by region

When you’re watching TV, do you like to flop on the davenport or the chesterfield? Do you enjoy a dagwood or a grinder for lunch? Here are some examples of regional synonyms found in DARE.

worms used for bait
angleworm [chiefly Nth and West]
baitworm [chiefly Midl, Sth]
bloodworm [chiefly C and Mid Atl]
dew worm [chiefly Gt Lakes]
earthworm [widespread exc Rocky Mts, Upper MW; esp freq Sth]
eelworm [chiefly Atl]
fishing worm [chiefly Midl]
fishworm [widespread, but more freq Nth, N Midl, Cent]
garden worm [chiefly Nth]
Georgia wiggler [chiefly S Atl]
grubworm [widespread exc NEast, Pacific]
night crawler [widespread exc Sth]
night walker [chiefly NEast]
red wiggler [chiefly S Atl, Gulf States]
redworm [scattered, but chiefly Sth, S Midl]
wiggler [chiefly S Atl, Gulf States]

fried potatoes
American fried potatoes [chiefly Upper MW, N Cent]
cottage fried potatoes [chiefly Nth, N Midl]
fresh fried potatoes [esp N Cent]
German fried potatoes [chiefly Nth, N Midl, West]
home fried potatoes [chiefly NEast, OH]
pan-fried potatoes [chiefly NEast, Midl]
raw-fried potatoes [chiefly Nth, N Midl]

a stream
arroyo [chiefly SW]
branch [chiefly Sth, S Midl]
brook [orig chiefly NEng, now widespread but esp common NEast]
creek [widespread exc in NEng]
crick [esp Inland Nth, N Midl, West]
run [scattered, but chiefly wPA, OH, WV, MD]

an outhouse
biffy [chiefly Upper MW and WI]
chic sale(s) [scattered, but chiefly NEast, N Midl, West]
garden house [chiefly Mid Atl]
johnny house [chiefly Sth, S Midl, esp Mid and S Atl]
little house [scattered]
Mrs. Jones [scattered]

kinds of pastries
bear claw [chiefly West, esp Pacific]
bismarck [chiefly Upper MW, wGt Lakes]
bun [esp MD, VA, NJ]
cruller [scattered, but chiefly NEast, N Cent, C Atl]
doughnut hole [scattered, but less freq Sth, S Midl]
fastnacht [chiefly PA]
friedcake [chiefly Nth, esp Gt Lakes, Upstate NY]
long john [scattered, but chiefly Upper Missip Valley, Upper MW, Plains States, MI]
maple bar [West]
raised doughnut [scattered, but chiefly Nth, N Midl]
sinker [chiefly Nth, N Midl, West]
twist [scattered, but chiefly Inland Nth, N Midl, West]

a belly-flop (in diving)
belly-buster [chiefly Sth, W Midl, Cent]
belly-flop [chiefly Nth, N Midl, West]
belly-smacker [chiefly eGt Lakes]
belly-whopper [scattered, but esp NY, C Atl]

a belly-flop (on a sled)
belly-bump [chiefly NEng]
belly-bumper [chiefly sNEng, PA]
belly-buster [chiefly W Midl, Rocky Mts, NW]
belly-flop [chiefly Nth, N Midl, West]
belly-gut [chiefly NEast, esp NY, PA]
belly-whopper [chiefly Nth, Midl, esp NY, NJ, MD]

the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street
boulevard [chiefly Upper MW, N Cent]
devil strip [chiefly neOH]
grassplot [chiefly Atlantic]
neutral ground [chiefly LA, sMS]
parking [chiefly NW, Plains States, IA; also N Cent sCA]
parkway [scattered, but esp Missip-Ohio Valleys, West]
street lawn [scattered, but esp OH]
swale [FL, AL]
tax strip [OH, IN]
terrace [chiefly Gt Lakes, Upper Missip Valley]
tree bank [esp IL, WI]
tree belt [NEast, esp MA]
tree border [WI, CT]
tree box [chiefly DC]
tree court [WI]
tree lawn [chiefly Gt Lakes, esp OH]
tree plot [esp IN]
tree strip [esp N Cent]
tree terrace [esp WI]
verge [esp NEast]

a heavy rain
chunk-floater [chiefly Sth, S Midl]
fence lifter [Ozarks, cwTN]
frog-strangler [chiefly Sth, S Midl]
goose-drownder [chiefly Midl]
gully washer [widespread exc NEng, less freq Inland Nth, Pacific]
lightwood-knot floater [esp S Atl]
pour-down [scattered]
stump mover [Sth, S Midl]
toad-strangler [chiefly Gulf States, S Midl]
trash mover [chiefly Mid and S Atl, Lower Missip Valley]
turd-floater [esp TX, OK]

a potluck meal
basket dinner [chiefly Midl, occas Sth]
carry-in [chiefly IL, IN, OH]
covered-dish meal [widespread exc Pacific, Upper MW, WI, MI
dinner on the ground(s) [chiefly Sth, S Midl]
hot dish [scattered]
pitch-in dinner [chiefly IN; also MT]
potluck meal [widespread, but less freq Sth, C Atl, NY]
scramble dinner [esp nIL]
tureen dinner [chiefly Upstate NY, wPA]

antigodlin [chiefly Sth, S Midl, West]
catabias [chiefly Midl, esp S Midl]
catawampus [widely scattered exc NEast]
cockeyed [scattered, but chiefly NEast]
galley-west [chiefly Nth]
one-sided [chiefly Sth, S Midl]
skee-wampus [scattered, but esp freq West]
skew-gee [chiefly Nth, CA]
sky west and crooked [chiefly Sth, S Midl, West]
squawed [esp S Midl]

goose bumps
chill bumps [chiefly Sth, S Midl]
duck bumps [chiefly Nth]
goose bumps [widespread]

a hole in the pavement
chuckhole [scattered]
chughole [chiefly S Midl, esp KY]
pothole [scattered, but more freq Nth, esp NEast]

the funny bone
crazy bone [widespread, but least freq in Sth, NYC]
funny bone [widespread, but less common eNEng, Midl, West]
tickle bone [chiefly Sth, S Midl]

cottage cheese
clabber cheese [chiefly Sth, S Midl]
cream cheese [esp LA]
curd [scattered, but chiefly Gulf States, S Atl, NEast]
Dutch cheese [chiefly Nth]
pot cheese [chiefly NY, NJ, nPA, CT]
smearcase [chiefly N Midl, esp PA, OH, MD, WV]

a submarine sandwich
Cuban sandwich [chiefly FL]
dagwood [scattered, but esp MN, IA, CO]
grinder [chiefly NEng]
hero [scattered, but esp NYC]
hoagie [chiefly PA, NJ, but becoming more widely recognized]
Italian sandwich [NEast, esp ME]
poor boy [orig New Orleans LA; now widespread exc NEast, Mid Atl; esp freq Gulf States, TN, TX]
sub, submarine sandwich [orig scattered but chiefly NEast, N Cent, C Atl; now widespread]
torpedo sandwich [orig NEast, now esp Nth, N Midl]
wedge [chiefly seNY]

a dragonfly
darning needle [chiefly NEast, Inland Nth, West]
devil’s darning needle [scattered, but chiefly Nth]
ear cutter [WI, NH]
ear sewer [scattered]
eye stitcher [WI]
globe-skimmer [HI]
mosquito hawk [chiefly Sth, but scattered Missip Valley]
sewing needle [esp MI, WI, MN, MA]
snake doctor [chiefly Midl, Sth]
snake feeder [chiefly Midl, Plains States]
snake guarder [sePA]
snake heeder [esp PA]
snake servant [PA]
snake waiter [esp MD]
witch doctor [esp S Midl]

a sofa
chesterfield [esp CA]
davenette [chiefly S Midl]
daveno [chiefly NW]
davenport [widespread, but less freq Sth, S Midl, N Atl]
sofa [scattered]

the seed of a peach
kernel [chiefly C and S Atl; also Gulf States]
pit [chiefly Inland Nth, Pacific]
seed [widespread exc Nth]
stone [widespread, but more freq Nth, N Midl]

a rubber band
elastic (band) [chiefly Nth, N Midl, esp N Atl]
gum band [chiefly PA]
rubber binder [scattered, but esp MN]