Hungry after a long day using the Georgia stock to maintain the blackland? How about you head back into the renthouse, through the bois d’arc fence to enjoy a bread-dough biscuit while putting your feet up and relaxing on the gallery? Yum, something coming from the stewer smells good.

Communities where DARE conducted interviews:

  • Allison
  • Blue Cane
  • Cale
  • Cherry Hill
  • Childress
  • Clarksville
  • Farmington
  • Fort Worth
  • Greene Co.
  • Heber Springs
  • Helena
  • Jasper
  • Little Rock
  • Magnolia
  • Mena
  • Monticello
  • Mountain View
  • Murfreesboro
  • Prairie Grove
  • Star City
  • Stuttgart

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